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SACMI DDG, the new frontier of Ceramic Decoration

SACMI DDG, the new frontier of Ceramic Decoration

Sacmi DDg1422

The fundamental advancement is the chance of utilizing the new Sacmi DDG innovation not only for the particular use of grits, glues and other dry and wet impacts yet in addition for making textural surface impacts.

In the new line format the machine is copied, with one DDG module introduced upstream and the other downstream of the advanced inkjet finishing machine.

By and by, in the underlying stages the machine can store grits and pastes to make wood, natural stone and different impacts and if vital can join them with full-tile glaze application. Due to Compact and Advnaced enhancement because of coordination with the SACMI DHD inkjet modules, the chunk can be gone during a time DDG module for use of further surface finishing and coating impacts (for example the classic transparent top coat).

The outcome is a 3D surface enhancement process liberated from mechanical limitations, giving makers the most extreme adaptability in taking care of complex creation blends in with high stylish worth. In this inventive setup, DDG and SACMI Deep Digital Line incorporate and additionally expand the computerized adornment and coating idea to three-dimensional chunk design, taking into account progressively proficient administration of little groups, in the nick of time creation and incessant changes of size and surface.

Because of combination with the other computerized gadgets present on the line (DHD ink printers and extra pre-framing powder filling gadgets, for example, the DGD for conventional PH presses and the DDD for Continua+ lines), Sacmi conveys a total enrichment biological system that meets all piece/tile enhancement needs with the greatest flexibility on a solitary stage.

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