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EFI’s CretaPrint Latest Hybrid Printer:

EFI’s CretaPrint Latest Hybrid Printer:

The first EFI Cretaprint Hybrid computerized printer equipped for working with both water-based and traditional dissolvable based inks is in activity in the production line of the Spanish tile maker Azuliber. The Efi Cretaprint Hybrid was introduced in the plant in L’Alcora longer than a year back as a beta test, after which it was approved and is presently completely operational.

The fantastic outcomes accomplished with the new printer were affirmed by Azuliber’s project supervisor Fernando Palomo: “When EFI proposed this new innovation for fired embellishment, we needed to give it a shot first. I would now be able to report that we’ve made our current items with new water-based inks with no issue and got an ideal completed item.”

During creation, the printer has end up being a productive answer for printing tiles of different types and sizes and conveys specialized and ecological advantages while additionally being financially savvy.

Concerning manageability, the utilization of the new eco-accommodating computerized printing innovation takes into account huge reserve funds of coating, water and vitality and diminished discharges and is a piece of Azuliber’s long-standing responsibility to decreasing the natural effect of its creation forms.

The organization has an electrical vitality cogeneration framework which creates 25,600 kJ/h by recouping sight-seeing from the splash dryer turbines. It has additionally built up a total strong waste and water reusing framework and made the administration accessible to in excess of 30 earthenware organizations in the zone, recouping an aggregate of around 187 million kg/year of clay slop and suspensions.

Established in 1972, Azuliber has consistently exceeded expectations in mechanical advancement and this year won its third Alfa de Oro grant for the improvement of an artistic polymer composite with cutting edge sound retention attributes in a joint effort with Neos Additives and BestTile.

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